Monday, January 3, 2011

2011* ~The Year of Renovation!

My husband woke me up in the lazy sunlight of New Years Day (nevermind that we were in our guest bed?), to giddily-ask "What are we going to do thiS year?!"

2010 was a wholloping adventure of buying our first house, having our dream wedding, getting a zippy new car (had since been a decade!), traveled abroad, and a long list of other major mile-markers.

My immediate and pouring-response, as if I had to think twice about it,
It's time to sit down, come up with a month-to-month [realistic] plan, and sort out a priority list of all the amazing things we're chomping to do!  I have to pinch myself and remember that sanding, grinding, sealing, and all the prep dirty work comes 1st and drags out, but the result is Definingly Worthwhile.

For starters - here are some amazing photographs of design-inspiration I'm entranced by.

----> Despite my inescapable zest for color,  I can't shed this gravitation for Black-trimmed windows and doors!  It's so classically European, yet Georgian-formal meets posh-NY. 
Perhaps too much black for me, but the front door and flooring are decadant!

Black Window Trim is not a new trend, yet it is somewhat trend-setting.  I believe the root of the statement these lacquered beauties make, is due to the fact that there's a gothic-fear of merry people painting things black.  Rarely does a homeowner have the bravado to schlack their "pretty" wood trim!
 It can be can be the most alluring, eye-grabbing essence of a window, however! The panes of these vintage windows would otherwise disspear into the mundane files of Suburbia.

Just the right amount of black, dashed into a room, adds a crisp appeal!

Imagine this room with large 24"x24" diagonal diamond flooring! ..Add a colorful lamp, play with the ceiling slate, reupholster a chair, and wha-lah!

Now, for the Carrera.
No, not the 1980's iconic porsche, rather - the Marble
Oooh, how I could gush over these cool-touched counters all day! 
--For you granite enthusiasts out there telling me marble is more porous, susceptable to acidic damages, tarnishing, etc... withold your good-hearted warnings and let me bask in my happiness

Notice the chic black range-hood? The contrast of a more dramatic slab of carrera for a backsplash creates instant drama*

Here the marble is more subtle on the counters, but amped-up with a more electrifying veining as the backsplash.
Carrera + black window trimming? Yes please.  Note: this kitchen is probably the size of our entire main-floor!

This one may not fit in with my "blacks", but I am simply *smitten with the minty mullions and exposed brick.
Couldn't pass showing the possibilities of another zippy trim!

 Our house is Stucco; I would LOVe to add some of these architectural proportions and details to the facade!
Quite possibly the most architecturally-alluring example of how clean lines, paired with white-shades and black-tones can be stunning.   *note: disregard the Grapes of Wrath car!

Albeit being solid black and something I could not live with for longer than a month...
the way this designer used a *High-Gloss black to coat an entire apartment, makes all her other items pop wonderfully!

The free-form layout of this black and white bathroom pleases me.

Again, High-Gloss black, cannot be beat.

Rustic meats Euro-polish

Formal, chic, Playful. Genious.

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