Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unapologetically Country Prone

It's no wonder with these lazy June days
that I'm finding myself switching out
and tuning into a genre
gifting me with memories of
*Lightning Bugs* floating upon the tall fields ...

earnestly destined to live in the
rolling land, and hopelessly
suckered-in by every Horse Whispering tale

We fake it here in the suburbs.
play weekend cowboys:
riding our horses with my parents
(having proudly converted my husband to happily wearing the vintage tack-swap cowboy boots i found him, as his near-daily *preference!)
looking forward to rodeos,
awed by movies like 8 Seconds,
and daydreaming of unmapped motorcylce trips across the West.

Isn't that what we all do?
-- pick the realistic,
half-way point between ideal worlds?

Don't get me wrong~
 I love our quaint little house,
its location 1 block off Main Street in "small-town-ville" bridging the edge of metropolis,
living 1.2 miles from work
and my MiNi Cooper that would inevitably last 7min on a farm..
and (perhaps peculiarly) I find myself especially fortunate to
find a guy who drives a pickup truck, rides my horses, fixes the washing machine*
***these alone paint a mirage of inprobable validity for a person born in Minneapolis- Ha!*** 
invariably belts-out country music with the windows rolled down & me chiming along (equally out of tune),
loves the span of a never-ending Western skyline..
he can listen to me talk about design + stationary for oodles of inordinate time
and rub elbows with a black-tie crowd like it's all he's ever known.
+ he wanted to marry me.

so we continue to span this life
of cosmopolitan convenience --meets-- rural romance

in the meantime, here's my palette for a
Lifestyle / Vacation
palpable in endless country-music lyrics
There's sOmething about the dewy haze
of a cool summer sunset
that makes me smile through to the core

**~ Sigh .. 

..now off to bed, snuggling with my fresh white down
to the sound of rain out the window*
Tomorrow is my late shift at work -- SO
i get to sleep in!
although, I will not look anywhere near this gorgeous Swedish dame when i wake!
good night & best of luck with your daydreams