Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chieftain South Dakota Summer

Chieftain South Dakota Summer

Chieftain South Dakota Summer

Chieftain South Dakota Summer

Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Eye Candy


the fine line between vintage and modern flair

...blue has got me by the heart ~
 for the first time in my life I'm hooked on this hue!

I cannot quite decide if Brass/Gold --or-- Silver finishes go better?
That's the beauty! You get to mix and match with both in this palette

Now if only my stairwell and living room could adapt in a snap*
..I have a crush on that settee and am listing it on my Wisteria wishlist

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unapologetically Country Prone

It's no wonder with these lazy June days
that I'm finding myself switching out
and tuning into a genre
gifting me with memories of
*Lightning Bugs* floating upon the tall fields ...

earnestly destined to live in the
rolling land, and hopelessly
suckered-in by every Horse Whispering tale

We fake it here in the suburbs.
play weekend cowboys:
riding our horses with my parents
(having proudly converted my husband to happily wearing the vintage tack-swap cowboy boots i found him, as his near-daily *preference!)
looking forward to rodeos,
awed by movies like 8 Seconds,
and daydreaming of unmapped motorcylce trips across the West.

Isn't that what we all do?
-- pick the realistic,
half-way point between ideal worlds?

Don't get me wrong~
 I love our quaint little house,
its location 1 block off Main Street in "small-town-ville" bridging the edge of metropolis,
living 1.2 miles from work
and my MiNi Cooper that would inevitably last 7min on a farm..
and (perhaps peculiarly) I find myself especially fortunate to
find a guy who drives a pickup truck, rides my horses, fixes the washing machine*
***these alone paint a mirage of inprobable validity for a person born in Minneapolis- Ha!*** 
invariably belts-out country music with the windows rolled down & me chiming along (equally out of tune),
loves the span of a never-ending Western skyline..
he can listen to me talk about design + stationary for oodles of inordinate time
and rub elbows with a black-tie crowd like it's all he's ever known.
+ he wanted to marry me.

so we continue to span this life
of cosmopolitan convenience --meets-- rural romance

in the meantime, here's my palette for a
Lifestyle / Vacation
palpable in endless country-music lyrics
There's sOmething about the dewy haze
of a cool summer sunset
that makes me smile through to the core

**~ Sigh .. 

..now off to bed, snuggling with my fresh white down
to the sound of rain out the window*
Tomorrow is my late shift at work -- SO
i get to sleep in!
although, I will not look anywhere near this gorgeous Swedish dame when i wake!
good night & best of luck with your daydreams