Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Countdown is Officially on!

..while we don't have plans yet, I've compiled some great inspiration for this 2011 New Year's celebration!! 

fully believe everyone should *dash-on some Glitz for this invigorating holiday, regardless of your plans or lack thereof.. because, whY not!?

Feel the sparkle of the day and don't get caught in the hype of attending the "it" party or trendiest bar..
   1. at home in flannels?--> hop up and pair them with your most
        gawdy-jeweled necklace and elbow gloves!
   2. set your perfectly acceptable microwave-dinner aside and get
        the kazoo's ready!
....simply, bedazzled ~

Pictured: 1. via {this is glamorous} via definitely golden 2. Keller + Keller 3. Fernlund + Logan Architects via {this is glamorous} viaWhite & Wander 4. Emma Freemantle 5. Betsy Dunlap and Blackbird Letterpress 6. Copper Carras

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fa La-La-La Laaaaaa~

Dec. 26th, "the Day After" ..the day after my husband and I so bravely *hosted* the first dual Jensen-Darula family Christmas at our house! 

2010 Mr. & Mrs. Christmas Card, and spritely home-decor

Yes, there was spilled milk, ...paired with guests arriving an hour early as we peeped out through the snowy windows-- mind you, still vacuuming in our underwear (eeK!--sending us scrambling up the stairs to the closet and spiraling us into that shouting-whisper panic of "you get it," "no, you" -ha!). 
Peeping out the Front Porch

Luckily, we had a few pefectly poised Washington-Apple stations ready to go downstairs!
Washingto Apple bliss ~ Whiskey, Sour Apple Pucker, & tart Cranberry

..and a Hot Cocoa station for the kiddies, and we nostalgic cuddlers ;)
I revived this Antique Chocolate Tin, & Powdered-Sugar Sifter from our wedding to house Swiss Miss packets & marshmallows!

Jeff brined, injected, and surgically stuffed his first turkey! that mischievously
 did not cook near as quick as the fowl was suppose to.. leaving us to tap our feet in great anticipation
Husband. the Meat Master and Smoker-Extraordinaire

--but it was a Great success!

We even had our very own Fireplace to hang our stockings!  Thank you old Painting II college course (never thought I'd say that!) :] ...for stirring my hair-brained projects into hatched-ambition over power tools, canvas stretching, and oodles of paint -
My Dr. Suess'ian Fireplace in the porch, littered abreast candles and our childhood stockings

27 people rockin' around the Christmas tree, bumpin' elbows, drinking homemade Mulled Wine, and tripping over endless platters of food.
Our Lime-y 2010 Blue Spruce!  And we simmered homemade Mulled Wine over the stove- Mmm!

Gift opening was a frenzy :)  We taught little godson Jake all about opening presents! 
Everyone shared in the wonderment of the giving season.  The only thing missing was a puppy (wink wink?)
...and the photo of my mom sporting her new Snuggie (from her loving husband: smirking in attempts to combat her eternal state of chills, my clever father). Yikes--hA, well, it was good for a laugh nonetheless!
Family Attendees & Full Bellies

~Last, but not least - my most deserving "we're not going to buy for each other this year" gift for Jeff.
Off with those chilly trips to the basement to shower,
scampering past open windows in your boxers,
or worse yet: sporting that lavender number as a last resort...
Husband. will he remember life before a robe?
Merry Christmas Jeff! or should I call you Heff??---
*now I can get my robe back, such a plotter ;)
hmm, never considered him not wanting him to take it off..
I'm nervously envisioning a very tattered robe in 10yrs, still loosely tied and making me reconsider
my most brilliant Xmas gift?? :)

Alas, having inappropropriately all nestled-in to watch Inglorious Bastards with blaring surround-sound
(on Christmas Day!-not so traditional you say.. but rest frets knowing we already showed Christmas Vacation, The Grinch, Home Alone II, and The Santa Clause for all our holiday cheer)...
 eaten much too much dessert, washed the abominably dirty dishes in our dishwasher-less kitchen, and said our last goodbyes..
we finally caught a moment to photograph together.
Of all places? our happy little old bathroom, perched on the tub & stammering to peel off contacts, and head to bed :)

* Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night! *

Thursday, December 23, 2010


On this Celebratory first day of blogging (phew!) .. I will simply start it off in a toast -
to my most Favorite person, on his fanatical 27th birthday!  ;)

XoxO*  ~Wishing my husband a Cheeky birthday of laughter and memories.. you are the most selfless person I know, and I love you to the core!