Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Countdown is Officially on!

..while we don't have plans yet, I've compiled some great inspiration for this 2011 New Year's celebration!! 

fully believe everyone should *dash-on some Glitz for this invigorating holiday, regardless of your plans or lack thereof.. because, whY not!?

Feel the sparkle of the day and don't get caught in the hype of attending the "it" party or trendiest bar..
   1. at home in flannels?--> hop up and pair them with your most
        gawdy-jeweled necklace and elbow gloves!
   2. set your perfectly acceptable microwave-dinner aside and get
        the kazoo's ready!
....simply, bedazzled ~

Pictured: 1. via {this is glamorous} via definitely golden 2. Keller + Keller 3. Fernlund + Logan Architects via {this is glamorous} viaWhite & Wander 4. Emma Freemantle 5. Betsy Dunlap and Blackbird Letterpress 6. Copper Carras

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