Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Post, Volume: 1

Despite loathing the inky smuding aroma that newspaper leaves on my hands..
i can't help but envy this high-ceilinged Breakfast Nook's tuffet:

*perfectly cushed for nothing other than a 2hr plop with the stinky culprit!
..and a weighty spread to savor, of course*

~listening to the newly chirping birds out the window~

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Halfway to Thawed

1 month and 1 day
..exactly the time it has taken me to sign back on and post again!

It's this time of year when we hear those peculiar
coming from the trees (fyi, believe it or not- it's just those little creatures we call: birds)
..and the sun tags along with us a little longer!
-great for my Vitamin D boost-

The days are getting longer, and so is my work load.

While I can say that my moments of being able to query life and the finer things has all but vanished,
I cannot say my brainwaves have been on hiatus!
My new job and some fortunate side-gigs have got my neurons swirling at a frazzling rate!

So now, with my trusty bowl of Vanilla+Carmel ice cream, I daydream
a little sonnet of
Spring *

JCrew, you've done it again
in love with the lip color + pastels!

(we're suppose to hit the 50degree mark tomorrow)

Get out and Enjoy it!

knocks me flat!

One of the best parts of Spring,
is it's that perfect in-between state where you can layer
and still mix/match your favorite winter/summer items!

ie: Gloves!
paired with 3/4-length sleeves and a cowl neck
*tres chic   ..swoon worthy
& yet so understated, you can get away with a little JackieO moment

Dresses have never felt so long-lost
as they do each spring!
Break out the frocks, grab a cardigan, aren't you sick of tights??

I don't think it's possible to
florals, or pastels... anywhere you can gob them on! 

afterall, we've been hibernating and deserve a little
whipped-cream charm.
Think Laura Ashwell's "shabby chic" stock goes up every March??

..why stop there??-- indulge your sweet toOth while you're at it!!

Plan a kitchy spring break destination to jolt your icey toes
back to a skippy tap

buy flowers for your dining room table

BEST PART of spring??
Hang your Laundry out to dry!!!
Mmm! nothing like the smell of line-dried sheets on your bed*

~signing off, tomorrow i'm waking up to tour the Cambria factory where
they make beautiful quartz countertops!
*hoping for a sunny long drive down so i can sport my "summer" shades and soak up my cheery free "D"*