Friday, January 14, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

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"Auld Lang Syne"
synonymous with the stroke of Midnight on New Year's Eve
the Scot's title can be loosely translated as "for [the sake of] old times"

Why, you might ask, am I referencing this solemn-but-warming song?
And I answer: I have an embarrassing attachment to our Christmas Tree.

Each year, I've gone out on the hunt for
  - THE - 
Perfect Blue Spruce to cut down in the snowy fields, hoist in the social view of the living room, spend 10 hours intricately wrapping lights in & about the coniferous beauty (thereafter causing the tough-love swelling of my bleeding, pin-cushion hands)...
Adorning the bluey with the strategically placed wire-ribbon and ornaments

Then before you know it, Christmas is over, the New Year has become old news, and we all feel like de-cluttering our lives!

The bows, the boughs, stockings & candy canes ~ have all been put away.

But there is a lingering  White Elephant  in the corner, our tree.
Why is it that I feel so guilty for taking down this tree and throwing it out on the corner?
We've already chopped him down, inevitably sending him to impending doom, and come to think of it-- the initial SAWING of his trunk was quite a Merry moment!
Growing up we would place our post-Christmas spruce in the back yard, standing as a temporary fort for the sparrows and chikadees to play in by the bird-feeder.
I'm only now realizing, that my father shares the same attachment to this yearly relic, and was attempting to create some meaningful longevity in having chopped this living plant down.  
--- by the way, the birds always LOved it! So funny to watch them through the window as they played and flirted about their new camouflouge playground --- 

So, here I find myself painting new rooms, and cleaning out the cupboards.. but I can't  make eye contact with the 7' tall spikey orb in the corner!
... like I know he's on Russian-Roulette Row and I don't want to be the murderer?! 
What makes it worse - is it's a freak! 
:)  in a good way -  the tree looks as Healthy as thE day we brought him home from his snowy field.
Barely dropped any needles! 
How can that be?! Normally, they are sickly and bald by this point. Making me angry with all the painful needles that keep finding their way into my feet when I cross the room, so I can have less shame "putting them out to pasture"
Not this one.
This tree, our first "Married" tree together, is on his best behavior!  Standing proud for us as we've diligently watered the base in admiration of his splendor, for almost 2 MONTHS now!!

This weekend, I must cut my silly ties, and send this happy chap out to the yard.
I'm foreseeing singing "oh Christmas Tree" around the campfire in late April? ha

Sogoodbye to the this lone soldier, his dashing good looks, 
and the Love we've shared with family & friends in the bask of your light!
..out on the step you go

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