Friday, January 7, 2011


 ..Like PAiNT?! 

It is our self-proclaimed "YEAR OF RENOVATION"!  So, not to fall behind or cheat our our little 'diet plan' of sorts already.. we are beginning this weekend.  

MISSION:  Paint the Dora the Explora room!

ha :)  Quite embarrassing you say?
Well, just ask my most manly, hunting, meat-eating husband who has been sleeping with a smile on his face in a Pepto-Bismol Pink and Bachman's Floral Lavender bedroom for the past 4 months.  Yessir, he smiles not because his tummy feels better, but because we are still the incandescantly proud owners of our very first home
Obviously, you are now privy to some* details of the existing purchase of our 1920's Craftsman Style house. 

True: the upstairs bedroom was previously shared by two whimsical twin girls, ripe in their age of 3 years, and no doubt dutiful in their nap-taking when life-size Dora decals were plastered about the room.  Shame they took all the Doras with them when they moved... but luckily we are still blessed with their exuberant choice in wall color ;)

What color shall we choose?? I think it can only improve!

Hmm, something tells me it will not be an organic mural schlacked upon some beautifully moody-teal paneling.  Next year?

Nor, will it be the ornate confessions of an Italianate Renaissance junky (myself)...
Low Dado's are the chicest way to imitate Euro proportion

I fear, that for the first time in my life, we may very well paint a room

W H I T E !
AHH! I know! Don't panic yet--- although, it's not for sake of selling, or being afraid of a color, because Lord knows I think we're sleeping with tOo much color now!  
Should White be feared?  Shall it forever fall synonomous with the mundane and beige visionaries?   Afterall, white can be one of the greatest palettes for which to manipulate the varieties of texture, temperature, and all your ever-changing accessories!   

However, I must confess that the stirring of this Elusive -White- first entered my thoughts by only the source of knowing in the next *1-2yrs, we will be sledge-hammering OUT the walls and reconfiguring the entire layout of the bathroom and master bedroom. 
So, pilgrim in the venture back to white? - hardly, no.  I am willing to dabble with the notion because I know it will only be an experimental hypocrisy against my eternal advocacy for color!
Start with the basics. White is not a shameful choice! It can be extremely crisp and clarifying.

Can it be, that I am potentially getting excited over the challenge of painting a room white?  --With the means to make it look like we actually chose white; DesigneD around it -rather than because of it? 
The hardwood floors and exposed radiators are very reminiscent of our bedroom-to-be

Can you push the envelope with  " w h i t e " ??
I think, white can be uLtiMately "edgier" than any beige you can throw-down!
Here are two snapshots that prove white can be trendy, modern, and "designed around" with focused purpose.

Will we be doing any blocking or striping in our painting schematics?? 
If it were up to me, and my never-ending additions of ideas..
hecK yes! 
But, this is where the better part of marriage steps in and suggests, that perhaps* we'd like to redeem our bedroom for it's purpose of actual sLeeping (not non-sensical projects!)... and that pulling couch duty for weeks on end while I       marvel / ponder / marvel / add /    ...amongst paint toxins, is simply not a plausible plot.

But, as you may have seen in my previous post on Black Lacquered doors... I have an itching idea inspired by none other than the cousin to my Favorite childhood species~
Large Wall Print from IKEA

Black and white stripes.  Vertical is the best way to make this a classy statement. 
Below are two 'trippy' rooms that I leave dually as a warning and in admiration for pushing barriers.  
The small room on the right is simply too BEETLEJUICEy for (probaby anyone?!) me. 
The room on the left, however, gives a much greater Ralph Lauren-esque aura.  The wider stripes mean it is less busy; the refined touches of brass and gold metallics in the symmetrical sconces, umbrella stand, and the heavy banquet bench help to anchor the room.  Also note, this scheme is best applicated if it is in a small space or accent wall and not overtaking a large room!

Here is the same concept again - in a fabulous area rug for this Guest Bedroom.  The lush Red suede twin headboards are -believe it or not- from Target! -and priced reasonably for less than $300!  Knowing how much stripe to add and where to place it is the defining balance in this bold pattern.
---Wouldn't you just die to have a guest room like these in your house to welcome Friends into? 
The symmetry takes away all the anxious unknowns of how to arrange and decorate the room!

Another example of my mini thesis that stripes can be elegant!

This is the picture I am going to dangle about my husband's face, in hopes that he will understand my desires to transform the  small landing  at the top of our stairwell.
I found thE Perfect mirrored chest at  Home Goods  that would nestle right in and allow us to add some dimension to that currently  wasTed  space... but, while the cost of paint is easy to 'swing' with the current Moral+Obligatory overseer of our finances, not so sure I could sneak a giant *Mirrored* chest
1.-successfully into the back of my MiNi Cooper
2.-up the narrow stairs by myself
3.-PAST hiM without catching some sort of blinding glint from the reflective beauty!
oh, and then there is, of course, seeing it plainly set (perfectly) at the top of the stairs.
Statement Landing. Large appeal in a small space.

I digress..
 as you see--- I have already wandered FaR, FAR off my central focus of simply painting the Dora Room.

One Last quick peak to share with you~  please disregard the tacky seashell fabric, as I forgot to crop it! ha.
HOW great is it, that this bedroom is dim, moody, and prevalently easy to sleep in?!
Accomplished by the use of painting a *non-Gothic black scheme. 
There is nothing tricky, nor intricate about the design, and yet it is simply ingenious that the bed is a shining beacon of softness and Light after a long day! 
I love this idea of the bed being aglow, warm, even summoning.  The calming dimness elsewhere allows your mind & body to transition into letting-go of all your day's stressors... along with your jewelry, and trail of clothing!


On that note~   I bid you Adieu

...and a "PS" addition:
Life is full of those "Should-a, Could-a, Would-a" moments that inescapably absorb our thoughts when there is something beyond our grasp.  Like, how I still wish that I could have surprised my dear enthusiast husband with a sweet Vintage ride out front of the church to rumble off in on our wedding day..
Or when we are too afraid to take a Leap of faith for something so positively enticing, albeit unknown..

well, I'm taking that leap ~ and will have something Positively Exciting to share with you next week!!

til then,
 enjoy your Weekend and wish us luck with the January paint toxins!
...Some day, m'love  ;)

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