Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Have you Ever
Had a Problem articulating a Look?

--for instance, the entire Year we were planning our wedding, I was countlessly asked:
"oH! WhAt are your COLORS?!"

as if that is a prerequisite in planning your event?
...this, of course, sent me into a tongue-twisted frenzy of trying to describe an entire scene, versus blurting one of my favorites out of Crayola box.  Was i merely unsure of which palette to label our day with?? -no.
Forgive me for not being able to put a *stamp on our "color choice?" because everything wasn't oozing HOT Pink, or the sickening balance of two colors Spilling about in competitive waves over every inanimate object within sight!!  :) 
Because, in all reality, it's more of a feeling!
~A picture is worth a Thousand words ..

ie: a Yummy palette of ill-pertaining photos arranged to describe eclectic gold.
------applicable in any avenue of life / event / fashion------

Thank You! Oh So Beautiful Paper blog*
Image Cred­its: 1: Foundry Col­lec­tive, 2. Cherry Blos­som Girl, via Dress Design Decor 3: Antique pack­ag­ing by Josep M. Gar­rofé via Blue Pool Road 4: E. Tautz Iden­tity Pro­gram by Mov­ing Brands, 5: Bee-Raw Honey, 6: Dai Due, via Bon­nie Tsang, 7: Pho­tog­ra­phy for Emma Stine, via Dress Design Decor

So until our dear childhood companions at Crayola come up with:
 1. Muted Mustard Seed
2. Dirty French Black
             3. Casual Greige-Goods Linen     
4. Artisan Patina   
5. 1880's Ivory      
........and the like~

i think we should all opt for the more Genuine, Romantically tongue-tied* version :)

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