Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NYC Anytime

The Weekender Spot

I stumbled upon this photographer couple per my incandescent friend Melissa
-- they are out of
Williston, ND  (mad credit to our alma mater state!)
and shoot weddings / engagements / life capturings.

swooning over their great style!

So, I made my way onto their blog, for a brief glimpse at their work.. and was pleasantly surprised to find a post of their dazzling trip to NYC over Christmastime.
Christmas buzz over??  Just take another look, you'll be stirring*

Reminds me of the Christmas trip my husband and I took to NYC 2 years ago!
The hustle and bustle, frostbit nose/toes, skating in Rockefeller amongst the lights and the Sinatra!

LeTs Skate!!


Tipsy City Love

I vote, it's never too early to plan your pre-christmas NY trip :) 2011?
--Log on and start scribbling the skinny today!--
Even a 2 day trip is worthwhile (and budget friendly!)

Here are some of their great photos
----(much better capturing the NYC experience than ours! Wouldn't it be marvelous to have their talent/camera?!)----
and if you Just are beaten-with-a-stick to the core on "Christmas" and all the past Holiday hoopla,
then relish the sooted-beauty spectacle that is:
Enjoying a Glacial *Winter Day in the City


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