Thursday, January 13, 2011

Toe Pick!

It's official, the holidays and their aftermath have passed..  now, we are left with:
S N O W .

It is MID-JAN.
Lucky for me, my philosophy has always been
~ if it's going to be this cold, it might as well be pretty & white!

The past week has been perfectly lethargic, dawned with robes.

..and its Tyranny..

Phase 1. --Starts off funny! Hey, it’s nostalgic, paired with the wondrous realization that there is more to this robe biz than "just" posing like Hugh Heff  e v e r y   time you sit down!
~Or traipsing about the house like a JC Penney's catalog model in an item you once could not comprehend the true efficiency of.

Phase 2. --From there, it Becomes mildly comical.
The remaining smirks are deluded by your grOwing fondness for the warmth and comfort.

Phase 3. --All of the sudden, it becomes alarmingly apparent that it is an addictively adapted way of life! 
 Serious Stuff! 
And there’s nO nicotine patch for this one!
Robes sported throughout the weekend after painting walls galore.
Robes on Monday and Tuesday when I took some un-used vacation days to Continue painting with my husband
---(until we discovered the hilarious show "Millionaire Matchmatcher" and got sucked into a day-depleting series of episodes in which we *normal populace get the reassuring opportunity to laugh at all the CRazY rich people out there.. like we aren't sitting in our robes midday on a Tuesday and pointing fingers??)--

...Robes when we finished shoveling,
Robes cooking dinner,
RoBEs after a long day at work in stuffy business clothes...

But there's a point in which you truly start to feel, slobby?  ha
The once warming nature of lounging about in a cozy garb, has now disturbingly over-stayed its welcome.
It’s called  m o t i v a t i o n ..
and in January – we *might need to diG a little for some!
Good riddance to a 1.5 week hiatus in holiday recharge... it's time to dO something!
*and painting does not count

..with all my heart i love this collage :}
Skating Party??

this makes me gush with pride for MINNESOTA :}
We are a hearty brood,

the kind that find jOy and solace in the blustery days of Winter
I love that i can smell the cold by looking at this, hear that distinct skates-on-ice sound, feel the chunky-knit scandanavian sweaters.
The pain in your hands from the sawing-laces of getting your skates tight!
Runny red noses, too-hot swiss miss, & skating through duskfall-to-dark losing track of time :)

..helping to melt your fear of frostbite yet?
Or the sorrow in losing that ever-growing / perfected cast of your body in the sofa cushion?

I had the BriLLiaNt idea to flood our backyard into a rink!
Jeff assures me we can, *when* we have little hockey kids.. but opting to save the grass until then.
haha, so off to a local rink we must go!

..then we can crawl back into our cozy "igloo" (closer to "bungalo" i suppose)

Hot Apple Cider [spiked?] + Warm Pretzel Twists
and fall asleep watching Mystery Alaska or Miracle with Herb Brooks and all our Gopher hockey boys shining across the screen, defeating the Soviets & defying all odds to win the 1980 Olympics.

the Actor:
& the Prodigy!: [wOw, hA!]
~a legacy in our blood! 

-->WAIT?! am i digressing again? -this sounds like a potential "Robe" scene?! 
;)    full circle i guess!

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