Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seeding with a Muse

When it reaches 70 in MN, we all bloom smiles
+ time for leisure outside!

Coming home from work with my sunroof open
leaded my foot on the gas pedal!
I knew just what I was going to do when I got home...

                    1.  Very house-broke Lawn Chair
                    2.  Very broken-in pair of Jeans
                    3.  Wine + bread / oil / parmesan / cracked pepper

and Whuallah~
My Tuscan Eve
in the yard.

(not my "californian" vineyard of a yard)

Needless to say, I could only sit still & bask for about

Soon - I was rummaging for my trusty tapemeasure
and spec'ing out our existing porch facade...
Here's what she currently looks like:

Now, for the Muse
(someday i'll find the time to draw my new plan)

---Now, (wipe my drool)

Right-Wing Portico
Impresive 2-story Height

Oversized Door Lantern
Sidewalk Pedestal w.Statue


-Other Symmetrical Food for Thought-

These are much more French, than the Georgian Neo-Classic Muse
..but I simply cannot resist the
chalky-blue shutters
& pea-gravel walkways

..definitely more budget appropriate..

A little too messy with plants, but I adore the circumfranced pedestal!

the Low* Horizontal lines of this front yard are very mod-chic!

OUT with the "Stuffy" -- IN w.the Freshly Tailored

are a Surefire way to achieve a stately approach!

Window Fences,
Very Romeo & Juliet?
They are a forgotten touch of detail
that can add just the right amount of British Posh
..to polish off your finale

Informal Dining
alongside the house 
to balance the earnestness of the front entrance

~ A girl can dream! (& Plot)

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